User guide & tutorials

User guide & tutorials#

In this section we presents several examples on how to run Calcjobs and WorkChains, as well as their description. We start from DFT and we go through GW and BSE steps.


These how-to guides assume you already installed and properly configured AiiDA, Quantum ESPRESSO (and its AiiDA plugin) and Yambo. You can check the main AiiDA documentation, aiida-quantumespresso documentation and yambo-code documentation for more information on how to perform these steps. For tutorials on how to run AiiDA plugins, please have a look here.

The following tutorials are provided in a separate github repository with respect to the aiida-yambo plugin. You should clone the tutorials-aiida-yambo repository, to have access to the notebook.

Within the package you can also find example scripts to run each workchain; these can be found in the examples folder.